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 United Reformed Church in Ewell

Mission Statement

The following Mission Statement was agreed to by Church Meeting on 24th February 1998. Please click on any part of the statement to see more detail:

"This Church aims to provide a welcoming centre and spiritual base for people of all ages, which offers encouragement for individual and collective outreach, and through the Holy Spirit, Christian love and care in the community."

"This Church aims to provide a welcoming centre..."

  • All services and meetings (except for the Elders’ Meeting) are open to all and the service sheet and announcements in church emphasise this.
  • There is always an Elder at the door to greet people as they come into church.
  • Service Sheets are available every Sunday. They not only provide information regarding that specific service, but act as a diary update and newsletter as well. The service sheet has become an indispensable means of communication.
  • Our monthly magazine 'Contact' is edited and produced by Malcolm Saunders and Jean Hensman
  • Anyone is welcome to take their turn in donating and arranging the flowers for each Sunday. Flowers are given each week by a member of the fellowship.
  • We hope that visitors will join us for coffee after the morning worship as we see this as an important time of fellowship.
  • Marilyn Westbrook deals with all the lettings of the premises, whether to church members and friends or other members of the wider community.

"...and spiritual base..."

We are part of a pastorate of three churches, Epsom, Ewell and Tolworth URCs. Each of the churches holds morning worship on Sundays in their own church most of the time. Epsom and Ewell share worship in the morning on the third Sunday of each month alternating venues.There is an evening service at Epsom URC on the second Sunday

  • Our Emmaus Group  meets on the second and fourth Monday lunch-time each month.  We meet at12.15pm in the Ship Room at Church.  We spend half an hour having a cup of tea or coffee eating our lunch (which we bring ourselves) and chatting about what has been happening to us and then we spend about an hour and a half on Bible study, praying, singing and in discussion
  • A small group of people belong to our Prayer Circle - praying for anyone in the church family or community. Prayer requests and concerns are passed from person to person within the group. All requests are kept confidential between the members of the prayer circle.
  • We have a Prayer Board and Prayer Tree in the circulating area of the church premises, which is available for use by the church members and visitors alike.
  •  In 2008 we had an anonymous bequest to bring a relatively unused room into use as a prayer room. Mary Wallis Prayer Roomis left open to anyone using our premises during the week.

"...for people of all ages..."

  • On Wednesday mornings during term time our large hall rings to the sound of little ones and their mums, dads, grandparents or minders as they enjoy themselves at the parent and toddler Group, the Lion Cubs Toddler and Baby Club. It is a vital part of the community. . Providing a safe place for the children to play and the adults to chat is the most important factor..
  • The Friendship Hour meets on the third Thursday of each month. This provides a time of chat, a cup of tea and cakes. This is for anyone not just members of the church. Some come from the local Anglican Church, some from local residential homes. We are happy to welcome anyone.
  • The Lunch Club meets every 4-6 weeks in a local hostelry, attended by any of our fellowship who wish to go.

"...which offers encouragement for individual and collective outreach, and through the Holy Spirit, Christian love and care in the community."

  • Many members are involved in voluntary work within the local community - a positive example of our faith in action.
  • The pastoral care that is involved in our Elders work in their 'patches' extends outside the small group of members and includes many people who no longer attend church activities on a regular basis.
  • The church has pledged its support to the "Israel and occupied Palestinian Territory" part of the Commitment for Life Project, supporting the oppressed people of Palestine.
  • Our fund raising projects attract people from outside the fellowship. Malcolm Saunders and Dennis Sexton  endeavour to devise a programme of activities for all ages and tastes. Quiz nights, concerts, the church anniversary weekend with flower festival and cream teas, our newly devised Christmas Evening, with stalls, refreshments and carol singing, all these attract people from the area, and we are working to forge stronger links with our neighbours.
  • We work with Churches Together in Ewell to provide Christmas Day activities for local people who would otherwise spend Christmas alone. This presents a wonderful opportunity for community 'caring'.
  • Also working with Churches Together in Ewell, we have a stall, usually of large games for children to play on, at the annual Hope celebration which takes place in the summer in the grounds of Bourne Hall. This is an event to which the local community is invited at absolutely no cost to themselves ~ everything is free, food, drink, games, music, a bouncy castle and a prayer tree.
  • Lettings provide us with a very valuable source of income, but as with our fundraising, the valuable work that Marilyn Westbrook puts into this aspect of church work provides a very important link with community groups: Brownies, the Trefoil Guild, choirs, an art group, a dog training group,  dancing classes,  a Young Carers group all use the premises. We enjoy their company!